The Brown Note #7 – Special guest The Right Words, Freddie Mercury facts, and DC comic movies

For anyone wanting to check out The Right Words upcoming shows:
July 24th @ Lewisham Hotel Lewisham w/Stacy Gacy, Rainbow Death Ray, Pretty Alright & Piperlain
August 1st @ Town and Country Hotel, St Peters w/Motionliners
August 29th @ The Standard Bowl, Surry Hills w/Motionliners


The Right Words – Lord Byron
Air Force Kid – Figure It Out
Burnside – Will I Find You There
Hemina – Nightlives
Jagged Stone – Blonde Suicide
Tripping Cognito – Your Happiness
The Right Words – Yours To Break


The Right Words painting
Re-enactment of Todd and Shane’s awkward fist bump
The Trobes
Buffalo Bill lotion in the basket
Robot Child
Valve Bar
The Newsagency
American Idiot Broadway
Freddie Mercury
Kanye’s Bohemian Rhapsody
Freddie Mercury reacts to Kanye
David Bowie and Annie Lennox ‘Under Pressure’ live
Freddie Mercury reincarnated
Epic Rap Battle of History – Freddie Mercury vs Frank Sinatra
ERBH – Beethoven vs Bieber
The Used
What We Do In The Shadows
Batman v Superman Trailer
Superman Lives
Kevin Smith working on Superman Lives
The Death of Superman Lives
The Orpheum
Tommy Wiseau’s Batman
The Room
Todd’s spoon in a frame present
Withnail & I
Batman v Superman Comic Con Panel
Tomb Raider death animations
Elders React: GTA V
Luke & Morris GTA V shenanigans
Things To Do in GTA V: Frogger
Suicide Squad trailer
5secondfilms: Superman
The Brown Note Facebook page


The Lyceum Most Comprehensive Online Sydney Gig Guide – The Brown Note The Right Words Rock Alternative Progressive Batman Superman Suicide Squad


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