The Brown Note #8 – Ridiculous ranting, Worst movies we have seen, Star Wars, and more!


Electric Lobster – Shockwave
The Snowdroppers – Love Letters
Sophie Hanlon – Chemical Girlfriend
Butterfingers – Yo Mama
Mangelwurzel – My House
Self Is A Seed – Somnambulist



Blue River Saga
The Count Censored
The Brown Note Sex Podcast
The Room
The Disaster Artist
“Leave your stupid comments in your pocket” The Room scene
The Cumbox
Trufflebutter Urban Dictionary
Duck rape/penis
Dog trying to fuck duck
Ali’s picture
Batman v Superman XXX parody

“Maybe you shouldn’t be living heeerrre!!” Pierce Brosnan
Dennis Quaid yells at director on set
Superman Lives
Nicholas Cage Superman
Tommy Wiseau’s Batman
The Death of Superman Lives
Year One
John Cena
This Is The End
The World’s End
Epic Movie
Date Movie
The Naked Gun
Snakes On A Plane
What If Star Wars Episode 1 Was Good? – Belated Media
Atlas Shrugged (Film)
Behind The Scenes: Making of The Phantom Menace
Red Letter Media Star Wars reviews
Jurassic World
Avengers: Age of Ultron


The Lyceum Most Comprehensive Online Sydney Gig Guide – The Brown Note The Room Star Wars


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