The Brown Note #10 – Nightmare studio experiences, Fun facts with Roxie, and topics I can’t put in the title!


Tonight Alive – Revenge And Its Thrills
Eddie Boyd and the Phatapillars – A Lover And A Fool
Axe Girl – When I Go Out It Rains
Harts – Leavn It All Behind
After Thirteen – Safe, He Said

Link Dump:

Judy Greer
N.B. Metalocalypse and Archer drawn by different companies (and the style is nothing alike, my bad)
Roxie’s favourite joke from Archer
Metalocalypse “Release the kitties”
The End of the Tour trailer
Deceased YouTubers
Evil Ugly logo design
Examples of Evil Ugly logo butchering
Data for domestic violence death and intimate partner suicide
Different ways men and women commit suicide
Norah Vincent – Self-made Man
Female riveter photo
Rosie the riveter
History of World War 2 podcast
Facebook page


The Lyceum Most Comprehensive Online Sydney Gig Guide – The Brown Note Tonight Alive Eddie Boyd Phatapillars Axe Girl Harts After Thirteen



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