The Brown Note #12 – Internet videos, The new Prime Minister, Death of Superman Lives, and Arts/Music funding in Australia


Noire – Baby Blue
Born Lion – D For Danger
Gay Paris – The Sackcloth Saint of the Cornfield
Best Kept Secret – Another Night
Lane Harry x Ike Campbell – San Luca

Link Dump:

City of Angels (musical)
City of Angels (film)
What What (In The Butt)
Look at my horse, my horse is amazing (Cartoon version)
Look at my horse (Nightmare House 2 easter egg)
Charlie the Unicorn
Detective Mittens
Llamas with Hats
Tony Abbott kicked out/replaced by Malcolm Turnbull
NSW Premier live tweets The Bachelor
The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened?
Nicholas Cage as Superman photo (the widely known one)
Kevin Smith talking about Superman Lives
The Thing sequel/prequel puppetry (later replaced with CGI)
The Jungle Book remake trailer
Little Princess
3 year old weighs 80 pounds
Smoking child
Don Bradman Cricket ‘14
Big Ant Studios
2K Australia
The Temper Trap
The Preatures
King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard
Adam Goodes and racism
The Babadook
CGP Grey Emotions video
Robbers Cave Experiment
The Brown Note Facebook
The Lyceum Facebook


The Lyceum Most Comprehensive Online Sydney Gig Guide – The Brown Note Noire Born Lion Gay Paris Best Kept Secret Lane Harry x Ike Campbell Death of Superman Lives Tony Abbott Malcom Turnbull Prime Minister Australia Preatures Temper Trap King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard


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