The Brown Note #13 – Bush walking, The Martian/Black Mass, regular people Olympics, and a sick cat


The Martian/Black Mass partial spoilers between Bec and Ben and Woodland
Spoilers end at 1:04:57


Axe Girl – Inner Queen
Tigers For Sale – Foreign Nights
Bec and Ben – Butterknives to Razorblades
Woodland – Seikatsu
Ecca Vandal – Father Hu$$la

Link Dump:

Bush walk photos
The Wickerman bees scene
Scenic World
Ru Paul’s Drag Race
Makeup transition to Jared Leto
Facebook adding to the ‘Like’ system
The Martian
Black Mass
Blacktown drive-in cinema
Jeff Goldblum chaos
Water on Mars
Bill Nye on The Nightly Show
Fox News ‘Australia has no freedom’
Donald Glover stand up comedy
Just Kids Patti Smith
Hate List
Parramatta shooting
Open Critic
Ahmed Best
Making of Star Wars Episode 1
Red Bull sued for not giving wings
Brown Note Facebook
The Lyceum Facebook


The Lyceum Most Comprehensive Online Sydney Gig Guide – The Brown Note Axe Girl Tigers For Sale Bec and Ben Woodland Ecca Vandal The Martian Black Mass Mars



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