The Brown Note #14 Special guests Do I Scare Ya, Star Wars final trailer, and Back To The Future day


Do I Scare Ya? – Tobe Le Gnome (Agnomealone)
Yum Yum – Spell
Whisky Smile – Catfish Lake
Coredea – Mosquito
Do I Scare Ya? – The Cat Came Back

Link Dump:

Do I Scare Ya? Gig event
Painted canvas with butts
Scott painted butt
Buzz painted butt
Gilbert Gottfried reads 50 Shades of Grey
The Departed
The Revenant trailer
Star Wars final trailer
Star Wars trailer with Jar Jar Binks
Buzz smurfette tattoo
Century egg
Shaved Xoe cat
Lexus hoverboard
Self lacing shoes
Police Back to the Future posts
CinemaSins Back to the Future 2
Do I Scare Ya? Gig tickets moshtix
Do I Scare Ya? Big cartel website merch
The Brown Note website
The Brown Note Facebook
The Lyceum Facebook


The Lyceum Most Comprehensive Online Sydney Gig Guide – The Brown Note Do I Scare Ya Yum Yum Whisky Smile Coredea Back to the Future Star Wars Jurassic World


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