Brown Note BlogBlast #1 – In Response To Responses To A Regular Theme


Hey look, hi, hello! I finally got around to posting a blog in conjunction with our podcast like I’ve been saying I would for months. Coupled with the fact I actually read out my Rainbow Death Ray review like I’ve also been saying I would do for months, and it looks like I’m about on top of all the things I’ve promised… well, except the thoroughly informed and researched content. But that part is coming, I promise!

*Sigh* If you think about it, I’m really like an unreliable father that says he’ll be there on Christmas, but sends a crappy card instead. Oh, you guys are going to have a multitude of issues when you grow up. I’ll be paying out the nose for your therapy.

So, we’ve never made any secret of being a couple of assholes that shit talk our way through a podcast. It’s a point of pride, really. We have two listeners, and we like to think we’re entertaining them to the best of our ability. Our number one aim when starting this was not to mince words or be concerned with burning bridges, and this was largely because Todd was tired of all the ass kissing he did when he was running The Lyceum. There really does come a point where you just want to tell people that their shit does, in fact, stink.

Because of this, we’ve been a little harsh on a couple of Sydney bands, most notably Rainbow Stink Ray. Woops, sorry, I mean Rainbow Death Lame. Ahhh crap I did it again. Well, you know what I mean. And there are a few reasons for this. The biggest one, for me, is wanting to hold the Sydney music scene – and in particular, the women in that scene – to a high standard. Rainbow Death Ray take a giant dump on that standard, and what’s worse is they still have a reasonable following and seem completely oblivious to just how terrible they are. When I read out that review, I’m not sure if I mentioned that despite my personal vendetta against their singer, I actually wanted to like them. I wanted to like them because I like being able to hold up examples of women in Sydney that rock hard and really fuck up a lot of sexist female stereotypes that I’ve come into contact with while making my own music. Being told that women have to act a certain way, be a certain way, look a certain way, sound a certain way… or worse, being informed that women are generally incompetent, was a frustrating experience for me.

I’ve worked my ass off constantly to do better, be better, sound better, and I’ve been doing this for years. Over these years, I’ve fielded my share of criticism, hate and praise, and I’ve learned from all of it. I don’t see why others consider themselves above this response. Behind everyone that doesn’t like what you do or thinks that you’re terrible, there’s a reason. Sometimes that reason is a lack of appreciation for the genre, which you can’t do all of that much about. Other times, that reason is something that you can actually improve on, like, I don’t know. Maybe the percussion in your song is playing triplets while the general melody is in 4/4 and the vocal line is following none of these. Maybe this makes your song sound like a horrible mess of three different songs, and you really should take on board that kind of feed back.

Or maybe, if your YouTube videos have more dislikes than likes, this has something to do with your music. People will mostly look past poor recording quality. They tend to find it more difficult to look past overall terrible music.

The thing of it is, the bare bones are there. It’s not like this band’s individuals are entirely incompetent. Each member can more or less play their instrument to an acceptable degree (let’s just momentarily disregard the lyrics), but the problem is they don’t write together very well. The sound is not cohesive. It is the closest thing I’ve ever heard to a literal train wreck. Truly, their merit exists in your own inability to tear yourself away, it’s that bad.

And OK, the lyrics aren’t great. But that can be resolved with general writing practice, or having someone else weigh in on the product and tweak it a little.

Credit where it’s due, their marketing is on point. Truly, I very rarely see a band that promotes themselves as well as Rainbow Death Ray do. That honestly counts for something. It’s just a shame it doesn’t count for a sound that is the quality they’re capable of.

Perhaps these are things that I should elaborate more on within our podcasts. Perhaps it’s just too fun to feed off Todd at the time and give into the hate, when I really do have a constructive point. That said, in the last podcast, I felt as though that kind of feedback did exist. I guess that’s why, as exciting as it was to really piss this band off, I was a little irritated by the fact they will likely not take anything that was said into account, because they’ve already relegated us to the realm of “haters”. Which we are, but again, this isn’t without reason.

I’m not sorry for what I said or for what Todd said. I’m not even surprised they were insulted, because I guess that makes sense and a little bit of that was intentional, anyway. But to take NOTHING away from it shows just how serious this band is about what they do. Plus, I didn’t think anyone could be more childish than Todd and I. Clearly, I was mistaken.

On the plus side, our day one views kicked every other one of our day one view’s ass, so that was pretty rad.

I had hoped to elaborate a little more on why it’s so important to me that women perform at a high standard within our scene, but I think I’m in serious danger of this becoming a novel, and anyway, it means I have something else to blog about.

Take care of yourselves guys, and feel free to contact us on the usual channels if you have something to add, criticise, or just want to talk shit. We’re down with it:


Love You!


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